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  • Transport Advertising

TAH company offers profitable advertising spaces for your business promotion taking into account your requirements and needs.

Transport advertising has many advantages and preferences

External transport advertising definitely will see major part of passengers and companies, people of different ages and professions.  Whatever requests, lifestyles and other individual peculiarities are, people will take notice of it and acquire information. And each time when their look will stop at the advertising, it will remain in their mind. And when a person waits for somebody, he or she examines everything more attentively and keeps in mind more intensively. 

Due to your requests and needs, we can offer the next:
• Full or fractional branding of passenger busses, running on airport territory and also we offer advertising inside of the  transport
• For transport advertising we can offer 6 SCANIA apron busses, 12 self-moving passenger bridges and big variety of passenger cars and other special vehicles as well. 

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