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  • Laundry and dry cleaning

Clean and fragrant throw blankets and linen will add comfort and nice feelings during the flight. We use only modern equipment, powder of high quality and bleacher

Rated capacity of the Laundry

Wet wash  - 3,5 tones of linen per month
Dry cleaning of carpeting – 1 tone per month
Dry cleaning of passenger chair covers (Boeing and Airbus) – 350-700 per month (5 aircrafts).

Gerbau  washing-machines with automatic program setting for wet wash and dry cleaning of all kinds of linen are in use. 
The line of the blankets dry cleaning, which are in use of airlines, based in Boryspil and Zhulyany airports  is completed.
Driers and clothes presses are available at temperature of 10° до 160°.

Currently this laundry and dry cleaning serve

• SAE Ukraine, including local preventorium
• VIP-lounge within Boryspil airport
• AC WindRose
• AC UtAir
• AC International airlines of Ukraine
• AC Um Air
• Military flying unit, Boryspil
• Kidev restaurant (Kyiv-Boryspil highway)


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Contacts: (044) 591-72-31